Wednesday, 26 November 2014

An update on our classes!!

Hi parents,

I would like to give you a view into how are classes are right now. I have to say I couldn´t be more happy with every single one of the children, I thoroughly enjoy every minute of our 2 hours a week after school. They are doing exceptionally well, it is a shame that I can´t video the whole class because they are constantly expressing themselves in  English and demonstrating their knowledge.

I will give you some examples of some of the brilliant things that happen in class, a lot of the best things that make me smile the most happen when the children are talking amongst themselves. So when handing out the books, pencils, etc the children say please, thank you and your welcome to each other. They will say sentences to each other adding in the English words they know, for example "me dejas the sharpener, please."
 When we are eating before class they will be singing, without prompting, one of the songs we have learnt. On Monday two of the girls were practicing counting to 20, one of the girls missed out a number, so the other girl said "no, sixteen" and the other girl started again and counted perfectly.

Honestly I really love this class, I always try to do my best in whatever I do, but my job is made easy in this case because the children are so brilliant and enthusiastic.

Please feel free to talk to me anytime after class, in English or in Spanish.


P.s. Lo voy a escribir en castellano también cuando alguien puede comprobar lo que he escrito.