Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Our first class!

Hi parents,

So we had our first class yesterday of "Tom´s English". We had a really great time. We started by talking about what we were eating during snack time. Then we did the first two pages of the class book, for me it was great to use the book for the first time with these ages. The children were really excited about it and asked a lot of questions, I think it will be a great addition to the childrens learning process.

We then came upstiars to the "English Only Room", already on the walls we have pictures the children had drawn of themselves in class at school. The children then voted for who they wanted as their class mascot; Winnie the Poo, Eeyore or Tigger. Tigger was the resounding winner with over half the votes, so you will be seeing him soon in your homes!!

To finish of the class we started work on the daily routine, focusing on the morning. The key phrases are:

Wake up (despertarse)

Get up (levantarse)

Get dressed (vestirse)

Eat breakfast (desayunar)

Brush your teeth (cepillarse los dientes)

Thanks very much,